Lane Cove Bushland & Conservation Society

Golf Course Development

The proposed Sport and Recreation Facility re development of the Golf Course is a major infrastructure project for Lane Cove Council and continues to be debated. The Society is concerned about the impact on the preservation of the trees and wildlife habitat from the proposed access road, as well as other issues.

Bob Campbell/Gore Reserve Oval

COMMUNITY PARK NOT A HOME GROUND FOR SPORT Concern has been raised about the proposed use by Lane Cove Council of synthetic turf on the Bob Campbell / Gore Creek oval, Greenwich.  Council is seeking to go ahead with the tender process using new 4G turf technology before councillors have had sufficient information.  Council proposed […]

Proposed Mowbray Rd Data Centre

Proposed Mowbray Rd Data Centre – SSD-13475973 The Society is concerned that there were possible environmental impacts posed by this proposed development.  These include: –     the potential height impact -6 floors compared to the current 3; on views from the river and Great North Walk on Ryde side; increased shadowing onto bushland from a taller […]