Mowbray Park entrance and car park is through the gateway to Chatswood Rotary Memorial Athletic Field off Mowbray Road West, 50 metres from the corner of Epping Road. Find the cement path to high ground above the athletic field. Take the unpaved track across a small wooden bridge to start the walk. Alternatively walk along the river side of the athletic field and take the track up the hill at the end of the field.
Medium – boardwalk & bush tracks with some steep stone step ascents & descents.
5km return approximately.

Bellbird River walk map

Bell Miner
Bell Miners will serenade you as you explore Sydney sandstone and estuarine forests and hillside tracks along Lane Cove River.

Mowbray Park forms a bushland corridor to Lane Cove National Park and provides a vital home to a great variety of plant and animal species. The walk along the beautiful Lane Cove River and hillside tracks will take you through mangroves, Swamp Oak Forest, majestic Blackbutts, Ironbarks, Sydney Red Gums, Banksias and abundant Acacias. Sculptural sandstone cliffs and caves can be seen above the river, providing habitat for many species of reptiles.

powerful owls
Powerful Owls.

88 native species of birds have been recorded including the vulnerably listed Powerful Owl. Estuarine Swamp Oak Forest provides food sources for the Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo. You will hear the ring of Bell Miner birds and the crack of Whip Birds. Keep a look out for Cormorants, White-faced Herons and various duck species and you may be lucky enough to see Fairy Wrens if you are very quiet.
Walks here are guided by a local bird authority with Lane Cove Bushland & Conservation Society’s plant experts.
We recommend a snack and chat beside the river mid-walk.

Casurina trees

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