Lane Cove Bushland & Conservation Society

Upper Lane Cove Valley STEP Track Loop Walk, South Turramurra

Sunday 12 May 10.00am to 12.30pm

Track Length

Steep downhill and uphill fire trail sections, narrow bush tracks with many steps, rocks and tree roots. A good degree of sure-footedness is required.

2.5 hours to enjoy the bush, including a stop for a snack and chat.

The STEP Track loop passes through the valley and ridgetops of Bradley Reserve, Turramurra, including a section along the upper Lane Cove River. Features of this walk include scenic outlooks, rock outcrops, heath, woodlands, tall forest and quiet shady creeks. The track gets its name from a local environmental group, STEP Inc.

The walk is enticingly varied, commencing with a beautiful clear creek, its waters trickling out of a swamp and over a potholed sandstone shelf then down into the valley. In the swamp, thousands of tiny mosses form a blanket over exposed rocks and there is always something in flower such as hakea, tee tree, and banksias. We descend on a bush track through a tall forest, with a variety of Eucalypts and an understory of Acacias and Xanthorrhoea between the sandstone outcrops. As we descend the vegetation changes from dry on the ridge tops to wet Sclerophyll towards the river. A steep section of rough fire trail brings us to a flat walk along the upper Lane Cove River before our uphill return walk, observing the fascinating change in vegetation along the way. At the top of the hill, we will stop at a forest lookout for a snack and chat.