Lane Cove Bushland & Conservation Society
  1. To campaign for no-go zones for coal and coal seam gas in
    –  drinking water catchments (Including the re-charge zone of the Great Artesian     Basin),
    –  prime agricultural land in NSW, and
    – special wild places for future generations,

A particular focus is on coal mining in Sydney’s drinking water catchment and stopping the Narrabri Coal Seam Gas project in the Piliga

  1. To campaign to protect public health by setting strong limits on air, noise, water and carbon pollution from coal and gas developments;
  2. As a community group, to raise awareness within the Lane Cove Electorate of  the impacts of coal and coal seam gas in general and to communicate community concerns to local MPs;
  1. To build support for our campaigns both at grass roots and amongst community influences;
  2. To amplify and support the messages of other coal and coal seam gas campaigns in NSW and  significant campaigns in Australia.



NSW Nature Conservation Council – 2014 NSW Environment Award

The Community Action Award November 2014 – for the most inspiring community action initiative.


The Lane Cove Coal and Gas Watch meet in the Lane Cove Library. There is no set meeting date currently but meetings are called for specific events and planning session as needed.

Very informative, run by an enthusiastic bunch, new comers always welcome. Great way to get informed about all the environmental and social impacts of Coal mining and coal seam gas in NSW and get involved in raising awareness of the issues with the general public.

Tea, coffee and snacks are provided and often wine and pizza

The group often organises movie screenings and guest speakers.


We are currently focused on the Narrabri Coal Seam Gas. The project has just been referred to the IPC for review and will shortly be open for submissions. This is our chance to let the IPC know all the issues with Coal Seam Gas.  We intend inform them WITH THE FACTS. We have hosted a submission writing workshop and we are ready to spell out the problems in terms of our ground water, aquifers, communities, light pollution, air quality, negative impacts on agriculture and negative economic impacts.


See the Lane Cove Coal and Gas Watch Facebook page for news and events – this is kept up to date daily.

Call Sally Kennedy on 0424330323 if you would like more information or email to ask to join the mailing list to receive updates and invitations to events.

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