Lane Cove Bushland & Conservation Society

We work to preserve the natural bush and wetlands of the Lane Cove area and to advance ecologically sustainable development for the environment statewide.

Since 1971, we have advocated for the conservation of our local bushland. We’ve continued to stand by our values for over 50 years, representing environmental concerns in Lane Cove and beyond.

What's On

Save 14 Gay Street from sub-division by Lane Cove Council

Council’s Community consultation is now open to decide the fate of this unique and precious parcel of bushland bordering Stringybark Creek and the Harry Howard Walk.

Scroll down to Current Issues to learn why it is so important that this bushland is kept in its entirety and to find the submission guide to help you write your individual submission to Council – deadline 26 June.

We regularly provide guided bushwalks in Lane Cove and neighbouring bushland on a regular basis. Detailed information and maps are also provided for self-guided bushwalks. You can obtain further information and book for current bushwalks here and by following our Facebook page.

Plant Stalls

Twice a year in Spring and Autumn the Society holds a plant stall in Lane Cove Plaza to sell native seedlings and plants found in our local area, to create habitat and food for wildlife. Our experts help with selection and cultivation advice. We also highlight local environmental issues and the aims of the Society.


Join us in our meetings held every 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7:00-8:45pm in the Lane Cove Library Meeting rooms, Longueville Rd (except January). Newcomers are always welcome!

We established the Bushkids programs which are now run by the Council and we have three permanent positions on the Council’s Bushland Management Advisory Committee (BMAC). Other activities include assisting in the publication of material relating to the natural environment in Lane Cove, informing residents of threats to the natural environment and writing submissions.

Current Issues

The Society is involved in all issues and campaigns relating to sustainability and the impact of development on the natural environment in the Lane Cove area. We keep an archive of all our submissions on our website. Current issues are highlighted below.

Save 14 Gay Street

Lane Cove Council’s purchase of 14 Gay St in March of 2023 has been widely celebrated. It is the first major bushland purchase in community memory. The remaining issue is whether the entire property or only a portion of the property will remain bushland.

Open the Submission Guide to help you write your submission to Council – deadline 26 June.

14 Gay Street within Upper Stringybark Creek Bushland Reserve
The foundations of any structure would encroach on the tree protection zone (TPZ) of multiple significant native trees in violation of planning regulations.

Pathways Aged Care Facilities

The Pathways aged care facilities at 4 Northwood Road (corner of Kenneth St) and 266 Longueville Road. In both cases the development is above the bushland surrounding the Lane Cove Golf Course.

The development at 4 Northwood Road sits above the bushland of Lane Cove Golf Course
266 Longueville Road extends to the bushland above the Golf Course

Lane Cove Golf Course Sport and Recreation Facility

The Sport and Recreation facility at the Golf Course, 180 River Road, will be the largest such development project proposed by Lane Cove Council. It will have a considerable impact on the local environment including the replacement of 80 mature trees by new plantings.

St Leonards South

A massive development between the Pacific Highway and River Road. The amount of green space in the design as well as other environmental factors are cause for concern to the Society.