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The Lane Cove Bushland and Conservation Society is incorporated under the Associations Incorporations Act 1984, and has a constitution and organisation approved under the legislation. The Society meets every 2nd Tuesday of the month, except January, at 7:30pm, at the Lane Cove Tennis Club, Kenneth St, Longueville. Anyone is welcome to attend.

To get in touch please email us or you can also follow us on facebook.

Council Elections 2017: Welcome to the new Councillors

Lane Cove Council has a different makeup after the elections, with more Independents, fewer Liberals, and one Labor representative. Whatever their associations, we trust that they will hold to the commitments they made at the ‘Meet the Candidates’ forum, which was held prior to the election (31 August 2017 at the Lane Cove Community Hub, Terrace Room, Little Lane).

Following a presentation by the principal candidate from each group, the forum was opened to questions from the floor.  A number of questions from members of the Lane Cove Bushland & Conservation Society, featured in our article published in the August edition of the TVO (Question Time for Council Candidates).

To our great delight, all of the candidates rejected support for council amalgamations in the future. There was a commitment to maintain, and in some cases, expand the green space and bushland budget.  All candidates committed to keeping the Lloyd Rees bandstand in place, rather than supporting an unwelcome call to remove it, which created much opposition in the May edition of the TVO.

Although much of the pressure for unit development in Lane Cove is coming from the State Government in its agenda of development, the candidates recognised that the residents of Lane Cove feel enough is enough and that further unit development should be contained.

These opinions expressed at the forum were confirmed by most, but not all of the candidates in their responses to a questionnaire put to them by the Society.

We welcome the newly elected councillors and we look forward to working cooperatively with the new Council on important initiatives such as Council’s Bushland Management Advisory Committee and the Bush Kids program.

And we look forward to them honouring the commitments that we welcomed at the forum.
Our letter congratulating the newly elected councillors can be found on the COMMUNICATIONS page under OTHER.



The Society commenced in 1971 with the aim to save the bushland valley now known as Bushland Park, from being cleared and converted into an extension of 9 holes for the Lane Cove golf course. We successfully won that action and the Park is now listed on the Register of the National Estate due to rare fungi.

The members’ energies were quickly harnessed into other environmental issues, such as volunteer bush regeneration groups, promoting the Bradley method of regeneration. Council took this up in 1978 when they employed contractors in 3 of the reserves.

Member Don Dove wrote the first Bushwalks in Lane Cove in 1982, and the book, is now in its 7th edition (available at Lane Cove Council or the library). Judy Messer wrote Growing Native Plants in Lane Cove. We lobbied for and promoted a Plan of Management for Bushland, which resulted in the Council’s Bushland Management Advisory Committee, where we have 3 representatives on the committee.


Shark Nets by Wendy Bishop

We continue to monitor Development Applications for construction adjacent to bushland and make submissions on other environmental and conservation issues in the LGA and state wide.

Lane Cove Bush Kids was initially established by LCBCS in 2010.   The Society has recently partnered with  Lane Cove Council to run this very popular educational program

We produced a history of the Society in 2012, Beyond the Untidy Fringe, written by Virginia Macleod, available for sale at the library.

Executive positions:  2017 – 2018
President                            Shauna Forrest
Vice President                   Ron Gornall
Vice President                   Graham Holland
Secretary                            Matt Fisher
Treasurer                            Alexa Troedson

Committee                         Doug Stuart, Ruth Neumann, Sue Ingham


    • to preserve the biodiversity of the natural heritage of Lane Cove Municipality by means of conservation and the proper management of the natural bushland, wet lands and aquatic ecosystems, both for their intrinsic value and for the use of enjoyment of present and future generations;
    • to ensure that air, land and water pollution controls in Lane Cove are of a sufficiently high standard and are adequently implemented so as to prevent harm to human health and the natural environment; and
  • to represent locally the wider concerns expressed in Australia and internationally for the protection of the natural environment and where appropriate take action to express support for such concerns.facebook_logo_detail lanecovebushkids